The Summit Social | Issue Two


Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach. Feel the warm sun rays shining down on you and the hot sand on your feet. Listen to the crashing of the waves and feel a soft breeze from the Caribbean Sea. Open your eyes, you are in Tulum, Mexico. Sound enticing!?
We’re back at it with The Summit Social  // Issue Two and, naturally, we were inspired by the story of a young salon owner, stylist, boss-babe and Winnipeg OG who ventured to open up a destination shop. We called up our salon partner Chelsea Marinelli, the owner of Prep Hair in both Winnipeg & Tulum, to get the scoop on all things tropical. (Margarita in hand – obvi!)

Big shout out to the following for making this happen!
Photographer @olya.shnd
Shop @prephair   @preptulum
Talent @wavyyy  @alliemari

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